Alexandra Borsari European nomadic researcher
Alexandra BorsariEuropean nomadic researcher 

Political science & imaginary theory


What is freedom? What are its limits? To try to answer these questions, I chose to explore human relations to nature and techniques with an approach by imaginary.

Imaginary isn't fantasy nor imagination but could be described as the very framework of all human representations and thoughts. My inspiration was Gilbert Durand's theory. I meant imaginary as a fountamental ground for social and cultural representations. Imaginary should be reserved to speak about this frame, imaginaries to social corpus of representations.


1st Fields of research : relation to nature and techniques, epistemology of imaginary studies

Approach : imaginary of nature and techniques with a dialogue with anthropology, evolutionary biology and palethnology

Secondary field of research :

Research methodology on imaginary and for pluri/inter/trans/ANTI?/disciplinarity



After a BA in Spanish cultures and literatures and various professional experiences, I applied for a MA by research with the Hannah Arendt Institute at University of Eastern Paris. The first year was dedicated to political philosophy with a memoir on the issue of exploitation of the other.

I began my exploration of imaginary in the second year of the MA. I discovered the work of Gilbert Durand and the idea of a fundamental ground for representations. Albeit the need of an epistemological work on this theory, imaginary appeared to me as a key to work on the human mind in a transdisciplinary way. My second memoir was on the lion as a political symbol at the end of the Romanesque period in Western Europe.

I went on with a Ph.D. on the fantasy of returning to nature. I spent the first four months in French Guyana to confront with a different way of living and thinking. I went to Trois-Sauts in the Amerindian area, in the extreme South East where Oyapock river is not far from its headwaters.


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