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Alexandra Borsari - nomadic writer - écrivaine nomade

Journey log-book (excerpts in French)

My daily report is, at the moment, still private. But I want to share a few excerpts.

Parts of the text will be published later with more analysis and a work on the social and historical framework because it's not a coincidence that I began this experiment and new life at this moment. I mean: it suits me so well that I should have done it a long time ago, at least 10 years earlier. But it was only in 2017 that I dug into this way of living, claiming the right to be a bit different. I had come a long way to feel able and "authorised" to do it. And it's not only because I had to break free from the toxic relationships I had with my parents: it was also because society had begun to promote this kind of initiative. We are always a social product. To know it is part of the solution to be free.


I will never be able to thank enough all the people who make this journey extraordinary: by sharing time and space with me, they are part of an inner transformation. I am so grateful for their patience and pedagogy to explain to me their feelings and thoughts. It is so stimulating that, at last, I've found the great intellectual challenge I was longing for. I will never be the same, thanks to those encounters. And I guess that they will also be a bit different after our meeting.

This is the great value of this journey: it is a perfect way to meet really the others, that is to accept to be transformed.


I apologize to those who can't read French.

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