Alexandra Borsari European nomadic researcher
Alexandra BorsariEuropean nomadic researcher 


With my nomadic way of life, I'm not going back anywhere. This is a great feeling! Even if sometimes I go to gardens I know, it's never a come back: it's one more step in my non-ending journey.

I didn't let anything behind me, except my books. Thanks to Françoise, a former neighbour and a friend, they are waiting on her garage but not for too long now! They should go to Jura (France) in an NGO 's library probably before the fall of 2018 (thank you Samuel!).

Some of them are already in the first trailer in Doubs (near Besançon). The old lady is retired in a wood to welcome friends and nomadic creators and researchers who need to hide for a while to write, produce, make, elaborate... Thank you Anne and Denis-Noel!

This introduction can seem a bit long but my trajectories are also a story of voluntary simplicity with various sortings to go farther lighter!

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