Alexandra Borsari European nomadic researcher
Alexandra BorsariEuropean nomadic researcher 

Loop 1

This first loop began with a 2-week test in the garden  of the house I was renting and a 3-month stay in Delphine and Steeve's garden. The cabin was so full that I had no room anywhere.

I had begun to get rid of furniture, clothes, to find adopting family for my plants on February 2017. When I moved to Delphine's garden in May 2017, I spent 3 more months to give, sell and sort what was left! And I had been in that house only for 3 years! 


More details and a map before the end of August 2018


mobile +33 695 560 755

We can speak to each other in English / Spanish or French

No dudéis en contactar conmigo en castellano

Nous pouvons aussi nous parler en français

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