Alexandra Borsari - nomadic writer - écrivaine nomade
Alexandra Borsari - nomadic writer - écrivaine nomade

Overview of my routes

With my nomadic way of life, I'm never going home: my home travels with me. This is a great feeling!

I didn't let anything behind me, save my books. Thanks to Françoise, a former neighbour and a friend, they are waiting in her garage. I was thinking about giving them but I realized in January 2019 that I couldn't get rid of them. I love living surrounded by books. Some of them were left in the first trailer in Doubs (near Besançon). The old lady is retired in a wood to welcome friends, nomadic creators and researchers who need to hide for a while to write, produce, make, elaborate... Thank you, Anne and Denis-Noel! After sorting, I will keep my books in a library box in the car (I can load more into the car than into the trailer) and I will be able to travel with a complete mobile workplace :-)


I have no base camp where I would return, but I have a great list of friend's gardens where I can come back. This is why my trajectories can look like loops; especially the two trips with the big one and the first ones with the tiny trailer.


From the end of August 2018 onwards, I've gradually begun to inhabit my journey.  I was strictly travelling from one place to another. I now accept more unplanned trajectories and stops, including nights "into the wild": not always behind comforting private property lines.

More details and maps in the subpages


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