Alexandra Borsari - European nomadic researcher
Alexandra Borsari - European nomadic researcher

The Rapido: test and first loop from April to August 2018

From January 20th, 2018 to June 18th, 2018, I remained in Nathalie and Victor's garden in Frepillon, in the North West of Paris. Thank you so much! It was a long step mostly because I hadn't changed my working organization. I went on with 2 tutorship programs with Telecom ParisTech from February to June and I also did a "bullshit job" with a major marketing company I shouldn't have worked with (you know: the kind of job you earn more with travel expenses than with what you do).

But marketing can be an interesting activity if you work with clever people. From April 4th-8th, I went to Garidech with the car and the dogs for a mission for DCAP Research, a small but great company I'm always glad to work with.

I didn't go with the Burstner because I had no time to reach Toulouse with the big one and because moving it in Nathalie and Victor's place was difficult. For a few days, it was better to go only with the car. This is partly why I decided to get a smaller camper trailer.

I found it in April 2018 : my Rapido! I drove to Concarneau in Brittany to get it on April 19th.

My big one made its last journey a few days later: on April 22d and 23d from Frepillon to Montrond-le-Château (Doubs, South of Besançon).


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