Dr. Alexandra Borsari Anthropology : nature, objects, dwelling and human place Background: political science & anthropology of imaginary Nomadic researcher, based near Paris, France, at the moment
Dr. Alexandra BorsariAnthropology : nature, objects, dwelling and human placeBackground: political science & anthropology of imaginaryNomadic researcher, based near Paris, France, at the moment

Telecom ParisTech :

May-June 2016 : coaching of 3 students consulting teams for the school incubator (SIM208 : Isabelle Garron and Antonio Casilli)

University of Rennes 2:

January 2014: Master TEF (Education and Formation Technology): one-day lecture

Theme: Archeology of the Western relation to techniques.


University of Eastern Paris:

November 2013 and 2012 : Master IEAR (Economic intelligence and risk analysis)

Methodology of the professional memoir (one-day seminar).

September – December 2012 : Methodology of academic work for 1st year students in Economy

Mission: to supervise the redaction of mini research memoirs (weekly seminar).

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