Alexandra Borsari - European nomadic researcher
Alexandra Borsari - European nomadic researcher

Land sailing between physical and social worlds

Freelance social scientist, member of Anthropik and research associate within CoDesign Lab, Telecom ParisTech, I'm looking for tools to make European societies more inclusive but also more diverse and tolerant. As many others, one of the most important mysteries I'm working on is the link between the individual and the group: maybe the main question of social sciences. My approach to this issue is related with individual freedom and political diversity. As for the biological sphere, we should recognize the need for a greater political range of systems to which we could switch depending on the moment or the topic.


My nomadic life is also a personal choice. It allows me to meet much more people than before, and, moreover, to meet them in a better way. I'm not moving fast and I spend sometimes weeks in the same place. My slow pace is a condition to create great encounters. Of course, it happens to me to go faster, but travelling slowly, with various stops, is more to my taste. I travel from garden to garden. Many thanks to my wonderful friends! And when I'm not in a trailer friendly garden, I stop in collaborative places to work, think and exchange with other nomadic people, researchers, workers, makers...


Among others details, you will find information on my geographical and reflexive paths, events I will attend, and maybe ideas of collaboration.

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