Alexandra Borsari - European nomadic researcher
Alexandra Borsari - European nomadic researcher

Land sailing between physical and social worlds

From the fantasy of returning to nature to the worship of techniques in the West and now through my nomadic way of life, I keep on questioning the search for the ideal place.

It allows me to renew the commitment I had as a teenager and a very young adult for a better world.

But my quest was messy and I needed more education to understand societies organization. This is why it took me a long time to go back to university, transform myself and turn social disadvantages (lower middle class and dysfunctional family) into assets (acute perception of social reproduction, sense of observation and empathy).


Today, I work freelance and travel from garden to garden. Many thanks to my wonderful friends!

When I'm not in a trailer friendly garden, I stop in collaborative places to work, think and exchange with other nomadic people, researchers, workers, makers...


From February 2017 to the beginning of May 2017, the first steps were:

- to find the camper to begin the experiment,

- to let go more or less 90% of the objects that were surrounding me in my 75m² house and my 50m² garden in Chevry-en-Sereine (near Nemours and Fontainebleau, at about 100km south of Paris, France).


My first mobile home was a 5m 1987 Burstner City. Comfortable but heavy and ... too big after one year. Several careful sortings and long, too long travel times helped me realized it was time to change.

In April 2018, I found it: MY house. The one that was just perfect for me: a 320cm 1978 Rapido trailer. A treasure hid in a garage waiting to be awakened.

6m2 instead of 9: fewer household tasks. 300kg less: a new sorting to get rid of more stuff and fly at around 100 to 110km/h on highways. Ready to move more and be able to sneak in small places.


The first one was a reasonable choice, the second one is the choice of the heart and experience even if I must admit that I'm already thinking about the next step. I don't what how will be my third mobile house. I hope it will be a clever solution, moreover to get rid of the car, or to make it work without gasoline.


The first one in my garden. April 2017.



The hammock I slept in in French

Guyana in 2004.

In my first camper, it's been my bed

and foldable bedroom for a few months.

Heaven on earth

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